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  All the dishes served at La Jeuness are bursting with flavor and artfully presented for your enjoyment. Shown here: A shaved Fennel & Red Onion Salad with Orange Supremes and Kalamata Olives, dressed with an Orange Blossom Honey Vinaigrette.


La Jeunesse is a "pop up restaurant" sponsored by the middle school youth of St. John's Lutheran Church of Morgan, WI. Every year, sometime around the end of February or first part of March, the students transform the gathering area of the church into a contemporary bistro serving a prix fixe, gourmet, multi course dinner to the 60 diners who are lucky enough to score a reservation.

A portion of the proceeds from La Jeuness help the youth attend the annual Synod Youth Gathering. After expenses the remaining profit is donated to a variety of worthwhile causes. In 2013 the youth gave $670 to the ELCA Good Gifts Program, earmarking the funds to help develop fish farming in Africa, digging wells, a water purification project, providing fruit trees to needy farmers, and educational opportunities for girls in developing nations.

La Jeuness will open on Sunday, March 2, 2014 with reservations available at 5pm, 5:30pm, 6pm and 6:30pm. The 2014 menu will feature Contemporary American Cuisine starting with an amuse of Pork Rillettes & Crisp slices of fresh baked Baguette. For the entree our diners can choose between: Beef Tenderloins (cooked en sous vide*) topped with your choice of sauce served with duchess potatoes and a fresh vegetable; Individual Lobster Mac & Cheese Casseroles, filled with chunks of Cold Water Lobster and Artisianal Wisconsin Cheeses, baked until bubbly and topped with Crispy Buttery Panko Crumbs; Curried Chicken & Vegetables, a savory Asian inspired stew with Stir Fried Slices of Chicken, assorted fresh vegetables, in a mild but flavorful Creamy Curry Sauce.

*Items cooked Sous Vide are vaccum sealled in a special cooking bag, cooked to the precise temperature of 138 degrees (a shade under medium) in a hot water bath, then quick seared on each side before serving.